High speed automatic line for the production of disposable surgical masks

Machine description:

High speed automatic line for the production of disposable surgical masks, flat laminated with three layers of non-woven fabric.
The machine is automatic and produces the masks by joining three different non-woven materials, wrapped in coils and housed on special supports.
The TNT is unwound by rollers that overlap the layers and create folds. The reinforcement for the nose is inserted inside one of these folds, then the three layers of TNT are welded by ultrasound, and cut to the correct size create the mask.
Conveyor belts carry it in correspondence with other ultrasonic welding machines that join the elastic bands to the mask body, thus completing the assembly processes. A pneumatic pusher stacks the formed masks, thus completing the automation.
Only 2 people are needed to manage the system.

Technical features:

• Production efficiency: 90-120 mask/minut
• Product size (mask): lenght 175 mm, width 95 mm
• Equipment size: lenght 7900 mm, width 4900 mm, height 2000 mm
• Equipment color: RAL _____
• Equipment weight: ≤5000 kg, floor load 2000 kg/н
• Working power: 220V CA ± 5%, 50 Hz, rated power about 9 Kw
• Air source 0,5-0,7MPa, flow rate is about 300L / min
• Environment: temperature 10 ~ 35 ℃, humidity 5 ~ 35% HR, non-flammable, rot gas, no dust (cleanliness no less than 100.000)
• Qualification rate: 98% (excluding raw material problems and improper personnel operations)

Electrical components:

• PLC: Schneider
• Sensor: Baluff - Schneider
• Touch Screen: Schneider
• Servo: Schneider
• Solid state power: Schneider
• Inverter: Schneider
• Cylinder: SMC
• Air switch: SMC
• Temperature controller: Schneider
• Power switch: Schneider
• Button: Schneider

Data of matched materials:

1. SS dark non-woven fabrics-usded by outer layer.
- Material weight: 15-22gr/mq
- Material width: 195 mm
- Material lenght: 175 mm/pz
- Weight: ______ gr/pz
- Remark: green, blue, black…..

2. White melt – sprayed non – woven by filter layer.
- Material weight: 15-60 gr/mq
- Material width: 180 mm
- Materiale lenght: 175 mm/pz
- Weight: ______ gr/pz

Note: filter index 90% 95% 99.99%. It is possible to select the material according to the customer's request. It is also possible to use the material width 175 mm

3. Light and white non-woven fabrics used by the inner layer.
- Material weight: 15-22gr/mq
- Material width: 210 mm
- Material lenght: 175 mm/pz
- Weight: ______ gr/pz
- Remark: white…..

4. Adaptive nose bar.
- Material lenght: 100 mm/pz

Note: made of plastic and iron, it is recommended to use the type of plastic with an iron wire core, in order to better adjust the shape on the nose.

5. Elastic strap.
- Material lenght: 300mm/pz (150mm x 2)