Trust - Reliability - Speed - Quality

Trust: because we produce competitive, precision products.
Reliability: because we are always where the customer needs us.
Speed: because in this business any delay costs money
Quality: because we aspire to perfection in every operation.
This is the formula that has made International machines a trusted, internationally recognized company, with customers and projects in Saudi Arabia, Russia and Latin America.

Added to trust, reliability, speed and quality is experience.
International Machines transpired from Novamek, an engineering company in business for twenty years and specialising in turning and milling operations, but able to perform any type of processing requested.
International machines was established and progressed to operating in the complex petrochemical industry, providing essential, state-of-the-art products.
We specialise in cladding, especially weld overlay-cladding solutions that provide protection against corrosion for iron pipes used in petrochemical plant pipelines.

We develop welding techniques of the future, alongside our partners and customers.

International machines is an authorised fitter for the German EWM group, a global leader in the welding technology industry. This means prioritising spare parts, participating in ongoing professional development and training, and using cutting-edge welding techniques that are quick and produce the best results.

International Machines is partnered by Nova Robotics, an offshoot of Novamek Company, dedicated to designing, building and selling cargo systems, and the production of special machinery and automated systems for various industries.